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Steve McKnelly
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alice cooper, anime, anthony bourdain, arthur conan doyle, bdsm, big brother, black sabbath, blake's 7, buckaroo banzai, celtic fc, celtic mythology, chattanooga, combat missions, computers, darts, diablo 2, doctorwho, dream theater, druidism, dungeons and dragons, dvds, eminem, evanescence, fantasy, federation, freemasonry, golden dawn, gordon ramsay, h.p. lovecraft, heavy metal, hermeticism, highlander, ireland, irish, lambdamoo, law and order, megadeth, metallica, model railroading, monty python, moo, music, mysticism, mythology, occult, ozzy osbourne, paganism, queensryche, rob zombie, roleplaying, rosicrucianism, rpgs, scotland, steeleye span, survivor, tarot, the hobbit, theurgy, thoth, toontown mmorpg, trains, victorian, victorian horror, video games, videogames, voltron, warcraft, women
The Original Mountain King.

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